Eva Dead

Joined January 2011
Previous roller derby experience:
Windy City Rollers 2006-2010 (Chicago, IL)
Captain of The Fury 2009 (WCR)


Height: 5′ 7.5″ in the morning

Favorite Position: jammer, blocker, shoot the duck

Likes: plants, zombies, maps, guinea pigs, sloths, bikes, puns, national parks, ripping apples, (tap) (80s) dance parties, absurd feats of strength, camping, taxidermy, kicking dandelions, TFFY

Dislikes: haters, aphids, broken trucks, geoduck (as food, ew)
Injuries: ankle, shoulder, head, fingers, flesh

Motto: Don’t call it a comeback.

(WCR) 2006 Fury Most Improved
(WCR) 2008 Fury Best Dressed
(WCR) 2008 Fury Jammer of the Year
(WCR) 2009 Fury Jammer of the Year
(WCR) 2009 Fury Best Dressed
Season 7, Bout 3: TR MVP