Rat City Roller Derby Appearing In TomboyX Marketing For Pride Month

Rat City Roller Derby Appearing In TomboyX Marketing For Pride Month

Rat City Roller Derby is excited to announce that the league worked with Seattle-based clothing line TomboyX to celebrate Pride Month. Rat City Roller Derby members will be appearing in upcoming marketing for TomboyX’s Pride Month campaign in June. 

We are aware that in the past, trans models on a TomboyX set experienced misgendering and exclusion. In the past, Rat City has also failed to treat trans and gender-diverse skaters with the respect they deserve, and we have been working toward making our league a more inclusive and equitable place. Both TomboyX and the Rat City Roller Derby believe, support and stand alongside trans people.

TomboyX has actively taken steps to create an inclusive process for its models. That work was evident during our experience at the recent photoshoot. Prior to the photoshoot, all participants were sent a welcome form that asked about pronouns, accessibility needs, allergies, fragrance sensitivities, dietary restrictions, clothing preferences (which allowed us to voice what we were not comfortable modeling), hair and makeup preferences, and anything else we wanted to share. 

Our experience during the photoshoot was fun, professional and inclusive. Our diverse group of skaters were able to model the upcoming TomboyX Pride line at a level that they felt comfortable with, and multiple members of TomboyX continued to check in with us throughout the day, even working to learn all 17 of our names.

We were able to express ourselves to our comfort level and be our authentic selves.  The opportunity to work with a local queer company to promote love and acceptance is something that Rat City Roller Derby supports. 

Keep an eye out for us and tag us if you see some familiar faces in #tomboyxpride ads! #TomboyxRatCity