Betty Ford Galaxy

Betty Ford Galaxy, #12 steps
Throttle Rockets
Joined in 2004
Height: 5’4

Favorite Position: B3. I love being in the back.

Likes: Junior Roller Derby, Demolition Derby, Disney Land.

Dislikes: Old wheels.

Injuries: 2004 Broken Tibia and Fibula. Required surgery. One plate, 7 pins and 2 long screws. 3 months recovery.
2005 Hyper extended left knee. 4 weeks recovery.
2007 Mild concussion. Left with lipoma on forehead.
2008 Tore rotator cuff in right shoulder. 6 weeks recovery. Hyper extended ring and middle finger of right hand and tore ligaments. 3 weeks recovery.


Favorite Music: Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

Favorite Drink: I don’t drink alcohol. Sober since 11/25/2002. I might have a diet Rockstar from time to time. I do love coffee.

Awards: 2005 RCRG Most Improved.

Bio: Before joining roller derby Betty raced stock cars and demo derbies at the Evergreen Speedwat in Monroe. She never won a race trophy but did win two trophies for best “pre show car”.
In 2006 Betty started Seattle Derby Brats; she is a current board member and head coach of Seattle Derby Brats.
Betty left Rat City at the end of the 2008 after 4 full seasons to skate for Jet City Rollergirls. After 1 season on Jet City Betty came back to Rat City.