Sevier (Nasty Trick)

Sevier (blocker formerly known as Nasty Trick)
Sockit Wenches
Joined in 2008

Height: 5’5 barefoot and on skates it doesn’t matter.

Favorite Position: Winning.

Likes: Hair, nail polish, hot sauce, collard greens, fierce women, & queers.

Dislikes: Anything slow.

Injuries: I’ve got a permanent hematoma on my left hip, I refer to it as my “third hip.” It grows a little every time I fall on it. Gross.

Motto: Don’t let what you can’t do affect what you can do.

Favorite Music: Dolly Parton, Three6Mafia, Le Tigre, & Nina Simone.

Favorite Drink: Sizzurp.

Awards: Champion 3 out of 4 seasons. Take that and suck on it, MVPs.

Bio: I’m a sweet southern girl, like Vivian Leigh, but you don’t want to get on my bad side. I’ll bat my lashes at you right before I knock you out … of bounds that is.