Anya Heels

Anya Heels, #6 shooter
Sockit Wenches
Joined in May of 2007
Rat City All-Star 2009-present

Height: 5’9″ (yes, really. I’m not as tall as everyone thinks)

Favorite Position: Blocker #3! I love to play B3 because I can move all throughout the pack while attacking the opposing jammer.

Likes: Hitting my opponents in to the stands, ice cream, breaking through the pack and getting lead jammer, margaritas, the amazing women with whom I skate…the Sockit Wenches!

Dislikes: Rink Rash.

Injuries: Torn rotator in the right shoulder, superior labral tear in the left shoulder, sprained MCL in the left knee, compartment syndrome due to skating, stress fractures in the right foot, concussion, torn/replaced right ACL, torn right meniscus.

Motto: Anya Heels doesn’t sleep, she waits.

Favorite Music: Everything but polka.

Favorite Drink: Margarita on the rocks with salt & vodka tonic with extra lime.

Awards : 2008 Rat City Sockit Wench MVP
2008 Rat City Sockit Wench Best Blocker
2008 Rat City Most Feared Skater
2010 MVP-Women’s Flat Track Derby Association
2010 Rat City Crowd Favorite
2010 Rat City Most jammer knock-downs
2011 & 2012 Atom Wheels All-Star Sponsored Skater
2012 Hardest Hitter
2012 Miss Congeniality