Sheeza Brickhouse

Sheeza Brickhouse, #36-24-36
Grave Danger
Joined Season 5 – December 2008
Grave Danger Coach 2010-2012

Height: Taller than Carmen Getsome, shorter than Sara Problem.

Favorite Position: Pivot and wrecking ball Jammer.

Likes: Funk music, sugar, hitting to the inside, team players, men that can cook, and dancing in front of the mirror like no one’s watching.

Dislikes: Cheap shots, cockiness, liars, and country music.

Injuries: MCL & nerve damage in neck.

Motto: There’s no way you can break this Brickhouse down!

Favorite Music: If I can dance to it, I LOVE it. I know all the words to Rappers Delight.

Favorite Drink: Gin and Tonic (extra lime). PBR tall boy. Nicaraguans.




Awards: Season 5 Rookie of the Year
Season 5 Grave Danger #1 Blocker
Season 5 MVP Bout 4
2009 Allstar Travel Team
2010 January Rollergirl of the Month
Season 6 Nicest Rack
Season 7 Most Participation Hours
Season 8 Eye in the Sky

Bio: Sheeza Brickhouse was brought up in a solid, yet strongly competitive household in the suburbs of all suburbs; Bellevue. Always athletic and becoming more and more competitive, she learned to play with the boys and quickly learned to beat them. She’s been called a Bruiser, Cheater, and sometimes a straight up Bitch. Don’t let her sweetness and charm deceive you. She’s built like an Amazon and will bring any strong man to his knees.

There’s no way you can break this Brickhouse down.