Sara Problem

Sara Problem, # CR26(f)
Grave Danger
Joined in Season 3

Sara ProblemHeight: Taller than you, but not as tall as your brother.

Favorite Position: Always in front.

Likes: Long days spent in the kitchen followed by longer nights at the table with friends, my smoker, Sassy Chassis, hot tubs, ponies, getting lost in the woods, people watching and the airport, Facebook friends, sparkly bobbles, and winning.

Dislikes: Eggplant.

Injuries: I’m old – It’s all broken by now.

Motto: Be good or have fun, your choice.

Favorite Music: N/A

Favorite Drink: Rye and ginger.

Awards: Season 5 Bout 1 – MVP (SW vs GD)

Bio: If there is anything that this saucy minx loves more than shoes, booze and boys with tattoos, it’s watching girls fly into the crowds after dishing up her very special bone crushing blows. The hot-blooded skating corpse names Sara Problem is proof that blondes have more fun… IN HELL! Her black heart belonged to Grave Danger from the beginning and she has dedicated herself trying to get through the pack. There’s definitely no problem with the way this bombshell designs and delivers her Double D Defense.