Bruise Lee

Bruise Lee, # 75
Grave Danger
Joined in April 2004

Bruise LeeHeight: 5’9 on skates.

Favorite Position: All of’em.

Dislikes: Whiners and people who talk too much.

Injuries: Your soul.

Motto: Showing off is the fools idea of glory.

Favorite Music: Melvins, Wu-Tang, Dead Moon, SKWiSH, Butthole Surfers, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Flipper, Stooges.

Favorite Drink: Rainier, Blood ale, and warm brains.

Awards: 2007 Season Champions. Best takedown (Bout 3 5/20/2006).

Bio: I come from a wealthy family. I joined the clan because I wanted to learn the special Kung Fu. To be a real expert, but in actual fact, I’ve just become a killer. Killing! That’s all I know. Death! Everyday. Another.