Know Mercy

Know Mercy, #365
Derby Liberation Front
Joined in September 2009

dlf-know-mercyHeight: 5′ 4-1/2″…don’t forget the 1/2

Favorite Position: East baby!

Likes: My family and friends. Laughing. Dancing. Skating. Eating. Winning. Tulips. Cupcakes. Pretty much anything that is super cute.

Dislikes: Pity parties. Whining. Country music (sorry dad). Being cold.

Injuries: Nothing too serious yet, thank God. Just a bunch of black and blue, including a 5″ bruise on my right butt cheek. (picture enclosed)

Motto: “Happiness isn’t determined by your circumstances but how you deal with the

Favorite Music: Anything I can dance to!

Favorite Drink: Pepsi. Chai tea. Amaretto Sour. Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Yeah, I like em sweet!

Awards: Rollergirl of the Month – March 2010
Most Easily Embarrassed – Senior Year of High School (19XX)

Bio: Mercy is a sweet and quiet girl… but those close to her know she has another side. Oh yeah, she’s a wild one. Kinda sassy, less sweet. She didn’t show that side often. Then she found roller derby. Her scrappy side was released and people were confused and surprised. So if you’re at the track and get hit out of nowhere, or are the recipient of an amazing whip, you’ll Know Mercy!