Burnett Down

Burnett Down, #16
Derby Liberation Front
Joined in August 2004, retired in 2009
2005-2008 All-Star Team Player

dlf-burnett-downHeight: 6’0″

Favorite Position: Jammer

Likes: Painting, roller derby, travel, beer, flamenco, Dolly Parton and Conway Twitty duets, chopping wood.

Dislikes: Reggae, celery.

Injuries: Right knee, separated shoulder.

Motto: “Give a man fire, warm him for a day.
Set a man on fire, warm him for life.”

Favorite Music:

Favorite Drink: Old Overholt Rye and a Rainier can.

Awards: 2005 League MVP first season
2007 Sickest guns (until Deadly Aim joined the league)
2008 Something about legs

Bio: Burnett Down is a victim of the CIA’s MK Ultra project. Her second personality manipulated through years of hypnosis, was developed into the perfect spy. Her alter personality is heartless and able to withstand uncharted levels of interrogation without revealing her secrets.