Rat City Roller Derby Apologizes To Trans and Gender Expansive Community

Rat City Roller Derby Apologizes To Trans and Gender Expansive Community

September 9, 2020

Rat City Roller Derby would like to apologize to the transgender, intersex, and gender expansive community. Over the years, we have allowed policy and culture to develop that has caused harm to members of this community. We have created a climate that is exclusionary and hostile for transgender, intersex and gender expansive participants, and we refuse to continue down that path of discrimination.

We are in the process of examining problematic league policies and practices which allowed this discrimination to occur so we can create an equitable and welcoming environment for all.  We are calling on all of our leaguements to engage in this process. For intentional culture change to occur it is integral that our whole league be involved. We are taking steps within our league to repair past harm, and are currently evaluating our bylaws, code of conduct and grievance policies with the WFTDA to ensure they are not exclusionary.

We are working with the WFTDA to identify and provide mandatory, ongoing education to our league so we can increase our knowledge of trans, intersex and gender expansive issues. This directly ties in with the anti-racism work we have committed to doing as a league, which is in process and ongoing.

We are grateful to our former and current league members who brought these issues to light, and we regret that the league’s prior response was harmful to those who raised concerns. We are hopeful that these changes to our policies and league education will prevent patterns of discrimination from occurring in the future. 

We as individuals and we as a league will be open and grateful if/when we are called out/in for any actions, decision-making, or communication that is harmful, insensitive or transphobic. Instead of responding with defensiveness we will acknowledge how we have been harmful and work to address the issue. As a league we are making a commitment to listen and be open each and every day. If you have questions or would like to reach out to us further, please contact Rat City Roller Derby’s Board of Directors by emailing bod@ratcityrollerderby.com.