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Skate with Rat City

Skate with Rat City PhotoThe Rat City Roller Derby (RCRD), Seattle’s premiere roller derby league, are always looking for strong athletes to join our ranks. Roller derby is a fast-paced, hard-hitting, endurance-based sport that takes lots of physical and mental ability, time, and sheer dedication.

So, you want to play roller derby?

Rat City Roller Derby are currently accepting new skaters on an ongoing basis. Rather than immediately being placed on one of our four home teams (Derby Liberation Front, Grave Danger, Sockit Wenches and Throttle Rockets), all new skaters are placed in one of our three training programs, Pinkies, Rat Lab Fundamentals, and Competitive Rat Lab.

The training programs help ease new skaters into the whirlwind of derby. Our skilled coaches help new skaters grow their fitness level, become more stable and skilled, and ensure they have the skills they need to be able to compete on one of RCRG’s teams.

Where do you want to (get)  fit? Rat City’s Three Level System


No skating or derby experience? No problem! Basic training starts here. Rat City coaches teach the fundamental skating skills needed for roller derby in an eight-week program with practices on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. Pinkies skaters gain the toolbox of knowledge and abilities needed to set them on their way to a successful derby career. Participate in our monthly assessment at the end of the program to graduate to Rat Lab Fundamentals or Competitive Rat Lab. Open to all genders.

Rat Lab Fundamentals

Skaters who are ready to take it to the next level, are working on WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, and have been cleared to participate through a formal skills assessment may advance from the Pinkies Program to Rat Lab Fundamentals. Skaters receive the same high quality training as our league members and attend Rat City “Fundamentals” training sessions in addition to Recreational Scrimmage sessions!

Competitive Rat Lab

This final level is intended for experienced skaters who have passed the minimum skills assessment, and are interested in being drafted to a Rat City home team. These skaters will have access to dedicated Competitive Rat Lab practices, “Fundamentals” sessions, Rat City Roller Derby League practices, and scheduled scrimmages led by veteran Rat City skaters!

I want to join! Now what?

Want to be a Rat City skater? That’s great! No experience is necessary to skate with us. From wall-hugging newbie to bad-ass All-Star, and all the skill levels in between, Rat City has a place for you. Complete and submit this form! We will get back to you as soon as possible on the best way for you to become part of our league. We look forward to hearing from you!

I play derby for another league. What do I do?

If you have previous experience, we want to know!  Please email for specifics.

If you come  from a WFTDA league and are in town to visit please contact and see if you can drop in!

RCRD’s Gender Diversity Statement

Rat City Roller Derby is committed to supporting the WFTDA Gender Statement and fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all skaters and volunteers. We do not tolerate any conduct that fosters a hostile environment for any participant on the basis of gender identity, and we will work actively to promote inclusive and anti-discriminatory practices in relation to transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants.


If I have more questions, who do I ask?

Please feel free to send an email to! Hope to see you on the track soon!